Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm crap at blogging but...

Well I haven't updated this in ages, but find myself inspired by some 6mm microarmour sites so I've been rummaging through some of my old mini's. I found some great Soviet stuff (painted badly or not at all) and decided to have a 1/2hr project painting and basing an Mi-2 (Hoplite) light helicopter to do some scouting for my 80s Soviet Armour.

Here is a step by step photo pictorial of the process

As you can see the painting was minimal

I started by adding a brass pin to a GW flight stand to make it a little sturdier, and by making a hole in the body of the Mi-2

I'm realising that the macro feature of my camera makes the mini look awfully badly painted!! it just shows too much.. still you'll have to trust me it looks way better in RL

Here are some pics of the final painting with some light drybrushing

I then went to work on the base, making it a little interesting. I trimmed the top of an n-scale "brush tree" added some ground foam and rocks and bobs your uncle

Finally, I added the Rotor disk. I found that the blades always kept breaking so I started using plastic rotor disks to make it look like the helicopter is in flight.. It needs a clean but you get the idea

Here's the final product. I've been so inspired by some of the great micro-armour I've seen that I thought I should use this blog to showcase some of my stuff.

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