Friday, October 5, 2007

Finally for tonight.. somthing completely different

Well, I'm tired and I'm going ot go to bed. but for last, something completely different. I really enjoyed Battlefleet Gothic and this is my favorite ship, both to play and to look at, a squadron of 3 of these Dauntless class light cruisers can really ruin someones day. Sorry about the non-spacy background. At some point I should take pics of my two gothic fleets (Imperial and Chaos)

Assorted old mini's

Well, here is a selection of some of my more eclectic miniatures. I think I even went without food as a grad student to get my lead fix and some of these more obscure miniatures (well the Germans aren't obscure) but some of the other stuff is.

SADF units




Modern Germans

Swedish BandKannon

Soviet Radar



I dug out a few of my old aircraft too, I think with a little TLC I can make bring them up to a better standard of painting. I can't remember who made these mini's but they look ok even if there isn't much surface detail

Swedish Viggens



The workbench

I've removed a closet door in my office and made myself a little painting cubbyhole,
its beginning to get a little crowded but its nice to have a little place to paint.

I need to put up a few shelves to store those inevitable "in progress" projects such as some 1/1200 napoleonic ships.. Here is the British 74 Bellerophon in progess

Some old school epic

Well its midnight and my eyes hurt too much to paint, so I thought I'd snap some pictures of some minis I painted from a few years ago. I'll start out with some models from SM / EPIC / Armageddon

While I always found the Eldar a bit .. well lacy blouse for my playing style I love some of the minis. Specifically the old school Tempest super heavy tanks are one of the nicest designs of any of the vehicles IMHO. SO here are a few pics

I also liked the original Eldar Titans, I have a phantom and warlock as seen below. I should dress up the base on the Phantom, I think it makes a real difference.

As you can tell, this was the year when I learned to blend colours as I seem to have on everything I painted!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Latest projects.. those poor Soviets!


After the pasting the British Challengers and Milan teams gave the Soviets in our first game I thought I'd even the odds a little. I'm taking a break from painting my new CinC Chieftains (pics later) and found an old Mi-24 Hind D miniature that I decided to repaint and mount. I also ordered a Soviet Fansong E air defence radar from CinC. Its a nice model and goes together well. I've included some unpainted pics

I have another Hind but unfortunately its missing one stub wing!!! grrrr! if anyone has such a thing please let me know!!!

Hind quarter(pun intended!), and side views

Hind .. the view no NATO commander likes to see

Fansong E unpainted